torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012


First of all, I've now started to write all my postings in English and i'm not going to use any translators! So I'm already apologizing my writing etc. mistakes :D (omg am I really doing this? haha)
 You're welcome new readers! ;D (I really hope there will be some!! :-D)
And Finnish readers if you're wondering can you still comment in Finnish, yes, of course you can ;)  And generally speaking don't still be shy in this case people!
Then to the main thing. I can't photograph, because my right (maybe left as well) wrist broke down on Tuesday :S I can't even hold my camera without ache. I regret because I was planning to do a quite big christmas posting but now it isn't gonna be realized :/
 However here's some old & previously used wintery pics from the beginning of the year. These are taken by my old camera :)

haha, this was fun! I will definitely continue like this :-D But in the future there won't be that much text than this posting :D I'm quite sure about it so don't you worry ;)
And I will definitely take all kind of comments/criticism about my HOLE blog, like my posting style, writing, etc (not just pics always :P) WITH PLEASURE ! :) I want to hear something for you guys! Don't be shy, I'm not going to bite (maybe) (;

And ofc you can also give me some posting ideas, if you have one in your mind :)
THANKSTHANKSTHANKS ♥ if you read this hole thing.. There is a lot of text in this so hope you didn't get bored!

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  1. oikeesti hahaha nauran vieläki; juokset seinää ja käet mennee poikki XD mutta oot raukkis rakas, koita pärjätä ku en oo laittamassa sulle nyt takkia ja kenkiä päälle ja hyvää jouluaaa♥♥:)))

  2. Your pictures is awesome! X

  3. Vau! Vähän siistiä kun kirjotat enkuks. Upeita kuvia!

    Taidanki jäädä seurailemaan:--)